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Patent and Information Center Rheinland-Pfalz

What do we do for you?

As a recognized cooperation partner of the German Patent and Trademark Office we offer you detailed information relating to intellectual property rights. We have a library of several million documents and have access to worldwide available databases. 

The patent association Rheinland-Pfalz can answer questions on financing and exploitation. Your contact at the TU Kaiserslautern is Ms. Ingrid Gehrlein

You want to know…

  • What the latest developments and trends are in your domain?
  • Which market exists for your technology?
  • Which production possibilities exist?
  • What your competitors are doing?
  • Whether you have monopoly rights for your product or process?
  • Whether your company logo and product names are protected?
  • Whether your design is unique?
  • How you can judge the inventions of your employees?

We offer you...

  • Information on intellectual property rights (patents, utility models, trademarks and design patents)
  • Subject-matter search (classified)
  • Monitoring and profile service
  • Patent reviews
  • Free advice by patent attorneys
  • Seminars and events on intellectual property rights
  • Receipt of applications for intellectual property rights

Furthermore you can receive brochures, leaflets and application forms concerning intellectual property rights.


The Patent and Information Center Rheinland-Pfalz is open for visitors:

Monday-Thursday:  9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Friday: 9 a.m. -2 p.m.

You can reach us by phone from 7 a.m.


You will find us at:

Paul-Ehrlich-Str. Building 32 Room 210

Tel: +49 631 205 2172

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