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Trade show and exhibition insurance for universities and research facilities

ProCampus GmbH offers exhibition insurances especially for universities and research facilities in Rhineland-Palatinate. The insurance applies to exhibitions, trade shows, presentations etc. plus all appropriate transports.

The fee for events in Germany is with 1,5 ‰ (plus insurance tax) significantly lower than common market prices. The minimum fee is 50€ plus insurance tax. The fee for events in France, Belgium and Luxembourg is with 3,0 ‰ (plus insurance tax). In addition to the fee and the insurance tax, there is a handling fee for the arrangement of 90€. The insurance premium must be paid from funds of third parties. The percentage excess amounts only 256€.

If you engage a haulage firm, you don't need an additional transport insurance (SVS) because it's already included in this contract.

The following data is required:

  • Name, place and time of the event and
  • Insurance time (normally one day before and one after the event for the transportation)
  • Kind of transport (e.g. privat, haulage firm...)
  • Are the exhibits under supervision all the time during the opening hours?
  • Are the exhibits under guard out of the opening hours?


  • Are the devices in a locked room?


  • Is the exhibition room/space locked?

  • The most important thing: the table of devices!

It contains all devices which can be taken with and insured. Only exhibits which were obtained from funds of third parties can be insured. Every position must be declared with its value. On request a prepared Excel-table (with devices, parts and values) is available. Please characterise the devices as precisely as possible with label, type and possibly inventory/serial number. Small parts resp. inexpensive material can be quoted with a lump-sum at the table. If some devices are prototypes or own creations, please tag them and assess them with its replacement value.


The processing in the event of damage (e.g. theft, transport damage) is conducted by the particular university or facility.

Please subscribe the insurance in advance (2-3 weeks) of the event at: ProCampus GmbH, Phone: 0631 205 4995. This contact could also help you with the general conditions of insurance.

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