Referat Technologie und Innovation

Our offer for companies

For companies that want to start joint research projects with RPTU, we, the Office of Transfer, Innovation, and Sustainability, are the first point of contact. We assist you in finding the right cooperation partners at RPTU to ensure the success of your project.


Starting aid for your cooperation with RPTU.

  • You want to learn about the research areas of RPTU and engage in discussions with scientific research groups?
    In our Dialogformate you will gain initial insights.
  • You want to start an innovative project but haven't found the right cooperation partner among the researchers yet? Let us know your needs, and we will connect you with relevant experts who will advance your innovation project.
  • You have found your cooperation partners and defined your project, but some organizational questions still need to be addressed? Please contact us. We are familiar with the administrative steps and will connect you with the right contacts for economic and legal framework conditions to take your project to the next steps.