Referat Technologie und Innovation

What do we do for you?

The field of Technology is your partner when looking for cooperation partners: 

As research or academic staff with business or as an entrepreneur with science.

How does one find...

  • A scientist who has experience with the interconnection of metal and ceramic in the sensor and electronics sector?
  • A realistic test device for motorcycle helmets?
  • An image analysis system for paper production?
  • An expert who can measure the energy consumption of a house?
  • A measuring system for production in order to measure foil thickness?
  • A way of measuring torque on a mini-screwdriver?
  • A laboratory that measures the resistance of an insulating material against insects?


We offer support in...

  • Projects
  • Tests or measurements
  • Staff transfer
  • Advice
  • Feasibility studies
  • Trade shows


Examples of successful transfer work

  • Development of an inventory control system
  • Cause identify for the demolition of an iron bolt
  • Search for Graduates
  • Search for a solvent substitute

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