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for Start-ups

We support Start-ups in:

  • Developing the idea for a business, a product, a process, or a service

by supplying information on industrial property rights, researching the state of the art, and carrying out trademark searches; by offering consultations with patent attorneys and accepting industrial property rights applications

  • Developing a name for the company and the product and in creating a website

by carrying out trademark searches and making information from the commercial register available

  • Legal matters

by providing information on the employee inventions law and on industrial property rights, including consultations with patent attorneys, as well as by researching guidelines, laws, and norms

  • Participating in trade fairs, events, and conventions

by assisting in planning the trade fair booth, identifying funding opportunities, and providing booth equipment

  • Finding customers and suppliers

by providing credit reports, industry data, and statistics

  • Applying for funds

by researching the state of the art, preparing exploitation plans, and providing general information and consulting services.

We cooperate closely with the Gründungsbüro TU & FH Kaiserslautern, the central contact point for potential entrepreneurs of the universities and research institutes in Kaiserslautern, Pirmasens, and Zweibrücken.